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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 29, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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we started at 4:00 on the east coast. join us tomorrow morning as sandy makes landfall. >> remember, we want you to be a part of our time. share the pictures with us. letteryoureport at you report at fox send us your pictures and stay safe. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. special coverage for the hurricane, hurricane sandy, size and scope unprecedented and the hurricane wreaking havoc. good morning, it is monday and october 29th. >> steve: meanwhile, we'll take you live to delaware. waves expected to reach
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heights of 20 feet. >> brian: check this out. looks like snow. it is it sea foam blanketing the shore in north carolina . >> steve: pretty but deadly . we have live teem coverage on the coast. peter doocy in delaware and fox news meterologist maria molina is in the weather center. we'll start there and get the latest on sandy. >> good morning, everyone. sandy has continued to strengthen. hurricane hunters flying through the storm and found that the minimum central pressure lowered 596 milibar accident it is breaking records in the portion of the northeast as we make landfall and the winds have picked up at 85 miles per hour and more strengthening is forecast before sandy makes landfall.
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it could have maximum sustained winds then. and stronger gusts are always possible. it is not a hurricane, it is making a transition to a nor'easter and we are seeing snowfall falling early in the morning in state of the west virginia virge and virginia and eastern kentucky. locally two-three feet of snow will be possible. we have blizzard warnings as the forecast it falling out outer rain bands in dc and new jersey and southeastern virginia, the rates are half an inch or greater. flooding is a concern and that is a bullseye of seeing accumulation . 10 inches locally will be possible. and it could be inland in
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parts was ohio and portions of michigan will deal with the from sandy. it is spanning 800 miles from one end to the other. it is in portions of long island and over 30 miles per hour wind is picking up and newark airport and j.f.k. and lagaria . dark shading in blue is wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. it is inching toward the coast and portions of baltimore seeing the wind pick up as limp landfall forecast as we head in tonight and transition from a hurricane to a nor'easter type storm . big concern we talked about the storm surge in the new york area . because the center will make landfall to the south. we being see a storm surge in
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long island sound and new york harbor high as 11 feet. that is significant and why flooding is forecasting in east other than portions of manhattan we'll keep an eye on this and all of the other impacts from sandy. >> steve: maria thank you for the report . >> gretchen: it is time to go out to our reporters, peter doocy in delaware>> the roads have been closed for an hour now . only people on the roads are emergency personnel and a few miles down the road. a doon was breeched and no one was supposed to be on the road. evacuation order was until 8:00. governor of the state wanted to have everybody where they were going. i am standing on the last line of defense.
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this is the doon. you can see the water and waves are huge. they sound huge and they are crashing like i have never heard before. but the water is coming up close to my feet and 20 feet in front of me is a boardwalk that lays between the boardwalk and places to eat. if the water comes up much better businesses will be in trouble. the wind is strengthening no one is around in delaware. people are hunkered down. schools are closed and businesses closed. mandatory closure by state order by 6:00. there is no reason for anyone to be on the road. our hotel has power right now. we have not had a chance to survey more damage because it is dark out. they are calling in
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reenforcement from louisiana and alabama and red cross is urging people to do while they are power and phone signal, down load the red cross app. if things get hairy, just go on and use the red cross app and you can see what kind of emergency resources that you have in your area. back to you. >> peter doocy live with us in delaware. >> brian: looked leak a paining with the roaring ocean . >> steve: like a lava lamp. new york city closed. all public transportation is hut down hundreds of thousands evacuate the danger worse on long island where brian lives. >> brian: as i came in to work anna was going to work in long island, what are you seeing by
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the wind? >> we'll see get hit. the ocean is geth angrier by the minuted. the concern by emergency management not that the burn behind us is eroding from the wind. but 8:19 high tide they are concerned that the water will come along the boardwalk and once it is low tide it may not recede much. they are trying to find higher ground for the first reponder type ridiculous and they were the only one to come over the bridge and it was closed. awe county is under mandatory evacuation. and many people have been heeding the warnings and remembering what irein did last year. in fact, one point, the bay was touching the atlantic
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ocean in the narrow part of the island and this will be a lot nastier than irein. it is it hard for people to wrap their mind around that it is something they are not seen in their life time. some people are not heeding the warning. >> gretchen: upon hurricane sandy is shaking up the campaigns. both campaigns are cancelling cam campaign events. president obama vows states will get all of the help they need. >> my message to the governors and mayors. anything they need we'll be there ask cut through red tape and not get bogged down with rules. >> the president will hold a rally in orlando before heading back to the white house. >> romney's campaign bus used
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to help. and stop sending fund raiser e-mails in the states in the line of torm's path he's urging supporters to cipe millions at risk in their prayers . >> they are concerned about the storm and our thoughts and prayers are with those people who are in harm's way. >> today romney will visit ohio, wisconsin. >> and travelers stranded because of hurricane sandy. many planes were moved to safer ground. one family stranded for days and leaving their kids on their own. >> we have children up in new york that are preparing for the hurricane and they have to go through it on their own. i don't think we will fly out
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on tuesday . we'll get lucky for tuesday or thursday. >> they are waving fees for passengers who rescheduled their trips. >> san francisco, four in a row. >> got him. one and all. they get it in detroit. giants beating the tigers to win the world series. pablo sandoval named mvp. second championship. it means good news for san francisco. baseball is done and full focus now on football. >> great yob. >> steve: it is it 10 minutes after the hour on busy storm monday morn a huge week for grading the economy. new numbers are coming up. and up next.
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what numbers that matter the most and how they could affect the presidential election. >> gretchen: both candidates are crambling because of the storm now. will this change the race? insiders straight ahead. >> brian: i say yes, but i am an outsider. >> don't be stupid and get to higher and safer ground. i turn out to be right and you turn out to be dead, that is it not a great equation. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> brian: next on the run down can hurricane sandy stop mitt romney's momentum. >> steve: that's coming up. >> gretchen: in the next segment. >> brian: what about my approach to teasing the next segment in this one. >> gretchen: we are looking at
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the new york stock exchange and nasdaq . they are shutting down due to the hurricane. and may stay closed tomorrow as well you are bright in yellow though. no one will miss you standing out there, todd. >> it is bit deceiving, we don't have rain but do have wind. and in the mean time people are still preparing for the big storm that is coming their way . we are talking about 400,000 told to get to higher ground and they are mandatory evacuations and can't force people to get out of their homes. we ran into folks who were heading to higher ground. >> it seems like all of my neighbors are leaving. building is ghost town and scaring people and sending e-mails and saying you must
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leaving and power and elevators are going out. >> it is a ghost town. subways are shut down. broadway shows are closed. and starbucks are closed and you can't get's pumpkin latte. >> it seems like once they are in the city go to hotel rooms and boxes us out>> gretchen: that's brian analysis. >> i think he is spot on. but the big lesson. if you are in new york city head to high ground and pay attention to what folks are saying, that wall of water can be a scary thing. >> brian: here's my thing . w hotel is beautiful but i can't work the shower, i can't work the sink. i can't work the lights and i can't. i got the shades up after 10 minutes.
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everything is so modern. even the jetson. >> steve: that's why they call at this time w, as in what's this? >> gretchen: i will come over and help you work. i have several hours. >> brian: guess who's coming over, gretchen. >> gretchen: coming up next on the run down, can hurricane sandy stop the momentum? washington insiders are up next. >> brian: terrorism 101. and requiring stunes to -- students to plan a terror attack? ? ♪ ♪ ♪ nespresso. where there's a coffee to match my every mood. ♪
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>> gretchen:incredible images coming out with the hurricane. hurricane sandy blue sea form on the pier in north carolina . emergency crews rushing to pile sands to try to hold back the atlantic ocean. this car was no match for rising flood waters. water right toupt wind shield. >> steve: gretch. candidates are down in the home stretch. this as 10s was millions begin to foal the impact of hurricane sandy today and tonight when it is the worst. president obama and romney are cancelling campaign stop to focus on relief efforts. how are the campaigns changing sandy. christie, a democratic strategist and cathy republican strat yist and
6:22 am
author of 52 reasons not to vote for obama. christie, starting with you, it is obvious that early voting favors democrats in a big way and today the governor cancelled early voting and don't be surprised if it happens again tomorrow. >> it is not helpful to our side. but the ramification. storm impact will not only be felt today or this week but through election day as well we don't know all of the chaos that will ensue. it will affect both people who can't get to the polls polling places and voters that don't have power. we don't know who is really going to be hurt by it. >> steve: no matter means no tv ads and for poem who vote both campaigns are trying to get their message out in the
6:23 am
week or so. no one will so that? >> in theory that hurts president obama's opportunities but where he has an opportunity to look presidential and there is it a natural disaster. and difficult for romny to grab air time. newspaper and radios and they will get some levels of publicication but it is an tount for the president>> steve: we saw the president at fema yesterday and if he goes out on the stump latter today and attack romney and starts talking about binders and big bird and stuff that. while tens of millions of people are in harmy way that doesn't look presidential. >> i think he will look presidential. it will be a big moment for the president not only for him
6:24 am
but our government and fema to be on the main stage. it is it an opportunity for surrogates to mentioned that romney would eliminate fema. the conventional wisdom. low turn out will help romney and obama voters need more motivation to get to the polls times but the reality is we don't know. >> we aren't talk being benghazi and talking about unemployment and the incrose in stod stamps . we are talking about a hurricane. this helps president obama. >> gretchen: and that helps the president, anthony and so what does romney do as everybody is talking about sandy? >> he's doing it. campaign bus is moving people and talking to people and showing leadership and showing change. but it is it difficult to get his message out because it is
6:25 am
exclusively about weather patterns and fema and that gives a natural advantage to obama. the president looks for an intervoning cause and unable to do it yourself and the weather may help him. it may wind up that mother nature was the october surprise. >> i agree. >> i agree. >> steve: thank you for yoining us on this busy and storm monday morning. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead, she tried to rock the boat. >> i don't care who you vote for as long as it is obama. (crowd booing) >> steve: sounded like madonna was booed and that's not all. you are looking at live
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pictures and coverage of hurricane sandy continues in a moment. you are watching. "fox and friends". >> this is the largest threat to human left our state has experienced in anyone's life time. ♪ [ female announcer ] you can always measure the growth of your children by the way they clean themselves in the bathroom. try charmin ultra strong. with a new duraclean texture, charmin ultra strong helps you get clean. plus it's four times stronger than the leading value brand. and you can use up to four times less. good news for even the biggest kids in the family. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong?
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campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >> steve:let pictures do not
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do her justice. the power of hurricane sandy is growing by the minute. when she is full strength, her size will be historic. in raleigh north carolina waves could reach 20 feet. >> brian: we have an update on the conditions there. we see you jennifer. that seems like heavy rain. >> it is heavy rain since midday and it is unrelenting and getting stronger and suswinds at 45 miles per hour then concern about the surf temperature is menacing out up and down the eastern sea board water levels 6-11 feet higher than normal. and sea foam and it is eating up the entire beach. it is several inches thick and lapping on the boardwalk. where did all of it go in the
6:31 am
virginia, norfolk area . this can flood in a typical storm . one woman's base am was already flooded yesterday. and there is intersections with water. ther used to riding out storms. we head in the second day, there is great concern. >> brian: heavy rain is what we are expecting up here. >> gretchen: we'll find out from the source. fox news meterologist maria molina tracking sandy. as we get up there is a little rain or lot of rain or no rain. she, sandy is still off shore? >> that's right. error large storm . we are seeing the wind pick up in long island and trop top force winds and sandy is more than 400 miles away from new york city. so still a lot of time to go and forecast to make landfall
6:32 am
in central and sougern new jersey tonight. we could have 24-48 hours of trop top force wind gusts and hurricane force winds will be felt near the center of the storm. we'll high light why sandy is a super storm. we do expect major coastal flooding with storm surge 11 feet. long duration event because sandy is so large with 10 inches of rain possible in the portions of midatlantic and many of you will deal with strong winds and major tree damage could be possible and we could see power out age for millions. there is computer models so showing that the center of the storm is forecast to make landfall this evening. we don't want to focus on where the center of it is going . many of you will feel impacts and more than can i have miles
6:33 am
per hour wind gusts and otherwise basically looking at a storm surge. and one technicality with sandy that is making a transition from a hurricane to nor'easter. hurricane warnings have not been issued. there is high wind advisories and warnings in the northeast. >> that's why you are forecasting it to be a monster. jirs jers ready to take a direct hit. evacuation are in place. robert moses joining us from long beech. i can see the wind. is it starting to rain there? >> yes, very much so, and good rning to you and everyone . we are just west of long island. governor christied the evacuation of the barrier islands. we are monitoring the guests and ther up to 34 miles per
6:34 am
hour. we are just seeing the front edge of the storm. i want to show you when i got here at 4:00, this road was dry. you can now see the water is over topping it. we are just talking before you threw tow me. we'll have to move our live truck. and the water from the ocean is encouraging . as we wade through the water. we are just outside of a restaurant here. just near long beach island and they took precautions by putting sand bags in front of the door. governor chris christie ordered mandatory evacuation in the barrier island casinos in atlantic city. we are seeing the leading edge of the storm and once we see the brunt of the storm, winds will be doubled or so. this is it a storm that means business. we'll get to safety.
6:35 am
if you don't have to be out stay inside. we are live in west creek, ocean county, new jersey, back to you. >> we go to long beach in new jersey and long beach, long island one is hit and the other isn't yet. >> florida's senator marco rubio's daughter is recovering. amanda suffered a head injury but her outlook is good. senator rubio had just left a rally with romney when he received bad news and romney and president obama spoke with rubio and expressed concern and support for their family. >> newark university requiring her students to write up 15 page describing how they would
6:36 am
do it and what the after math would be. she is preparing students a career in intelligence. >> gretchen: a ban on halloween. putting a stop to halloween plans. schools in the country are doing away from parties. some say students can't afford to participate. and others can't take part because of religious. >> brian: how much is a sheet? be a ghost. come on, make a hole. i use tod my own. overalls and corn cob pipe. >> brian: and a mime. that is cheap. >> steve: and fans walking out on madonna after she try tod impart her political wisom on her audience.
6:37 am
>> i can't care who you rote for as long as you vote for obama . and also -- -- >> steve: she seemed shocked when her own fans booed her after she told them to rote for obama. she tried to recover saying she didn't care who they voted for as long as they did it after she said i don't care who you vote for as long as you vote for obama. >> gretchen: having been to that concert, i can think of other reason to leave. >> brian: giving up finger. >> gretchen: there were crude things going o. we did leave. >> brian: i love papa don't preach. that really moves me. >> steve: and it is 23 millions before the top of the hour and we'll witch gears.
6:38 am
father of a navev seal kimed in benghazi sending a powerful message to our president. >> my son and the others died heros and it is it better to die the death of a hero than it is it to live the life of a coward. >> steve: did the white house do enough to save his son the veteran of wars weighs in next. >> gretchen: new numbers say the store store. we'll be right back. . bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech.
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>> steve: let's get to the stop store hurricane sandy, the storm pounding the east coast with wind and rain. elizabeth is on the outer banks of north carolina with an undate. >> good morning, steve. we are getting battered, 36 hours that the carolinas are battered by hurricane sandy. we have wind gusts 35 the ones that lift you up on the tuppy toes and cold side ways rain i am on a sand dune. it is too dangerous on the beach. you can see the six foot waves crashing up the dunes. and we are two hours away from high tide. we shot the video where the water was crashing in the homes underneath the stilts. with the low and high tide people will go out and about. it is nc 12, the this rough
6:43 am
fare. if they can't see the road way. they don't want people riding on the road. there are still coast guard officials waiting for the winds to die down. people are stuck on the barrier islands. and we know there is 20 fisher man on the barrier island and they are in contact and they are safe and have water and batteries. but as soon as the winds die down coast guard will go out and about. we know that the vissle 90 miles southeast of the cape hatteras. they sent out a distress call. they can't go rescue them because it is simply too dangerous. it may be a long day ahead for rescue workers. on >> steve: thank you, elizabeth and stay safe. >> brian: another important store store. who knew what and when in
6:44 am
benghazi. fox news learned that the cia denied three requests for help from the men on the ground. the ceo for the army. peat, as the investigation moves forward. we saw the cia push back that and saying they did not delay the attack response. is that the cia saying we are not the ones that delayed our guys to act or told them to stand down or do you read it differently. >> that's how i read it a lot of pass the buck instead of the buck stops here. cia said we didn't make the call. the question is who did? that is a question that the president said he gave a directive to secure the ground and under siege in benghazi. if that is the case, why didn't something happen we know it didn't happen who gave the stand down order. they inspector defiance of the
6:45 am
president or did the president not give the directive. there is a lot of gray area it will take time and information is slow lie trickling out. >> brian: you think every american want to know this. especially family members of four men who lost their lives that day. including charles wood. his son was killed. >> any consulate is american soil. your honor, i respect your office as president. but the attack on american citizens happened 2000 miles from washington dc or in los angeles or seattle would you have waited 7 hours. remember this mr. president, my son and the others died heros and it is it better to
6:46 am
die the death of the hero than live the life of a coward. >> brian: the administration said listen to the family of ambassador stevens when they say don't politicalize. if you care about the stevens' family shouldn't you care about the woods. >> his son defied stand down order say i am run toth sound of the guns. that's what seals are taught to do. not stand idly by. any american under attack we would want to say this is our ambassador and clear attack and 9/11. he's told to stand down. a navy seal who said forget i will drive ahead. it is a tand down foreign policy where it is appease we don't want terously feathers and we have dead americans.
6:47 am
>> brian: your contact list is full of people who serve. what is the reaction? >> why didn't we use the assets availablitous. spector gun ships stationed 400 miles away in italy that could provide help. and operators on the roof and using lazers to identify where the mortar teem and drones watching the entire thing to develop. technology was there to cut through the war and act. it is pier one operators who could have dealt with complex situation. go after the mortar teem and secure the. act, act. >> brian: captain, thank you so employ. senator mccane made head liance is worse on than watergate. no one died in watergate.
6:48 am
the president blaming george bush for the economy. the numbers tell a different store store then donald trump made the president an offer he couldn't refuse. donald trump picks up the phone when we call him in the top of the hour. >> i know some people are nervous about the storm about to hit the coast and our thoughts and prayers are with the people who finds themselves in harm's way. jenna shared her recipe with sharon, who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson.
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>> gretchen: welcome back everyone. the president blames the bad
6:52 am
economy on predecessor george bush . but the economy was growing more under president bush than under president obama. joining me now is editor of the wall wall journal james free thereto man who wrote about the chronic fatigue economy. what do you mean by chronic fatigue. >> it is sluggish and high unemployment and you are going to have. two percent is the head line number. and take out government spend real business. 1.3 percent and that will not solve unemployment problem. look at what happened with the president being in office. and really the being engine of our economy. 2.4 and 2012are employ. you know, james what president clinton said in the democratic convention. no president even myself could
6:53 am
have solved the mess we were given . >> it is a fact-free argument. president obama said he would solve it and making promises. and that shart testimonies the store store and the effort to say it was bush's fault. we were growing faster in the early president obama term. in the year 2010 when obamacare and dodd-frank enacted it was very slow. you want to point out the difference. there was more growth in the beginning of president obama's presidency than now? >> we are going in the wrong direction. forward is not the term for the way the economy is headed now even if that is the obama campaign slogan. and you lock at history of recoveries. this one stands out. we ought to be further along in a rebound, faster growth
6:54 am
more employment and it is it not happening. >> gretchen: you question the moving forward with the policies and what the policies might be to continue the recovery with regard to taxes. >> that's what is scary right now. you can see very weak growth and then we're lookingalt a 500 billion tax increase next year. 2013. this is one year, 500 billion hit to the economy that is coming under current law unless there is it a change of policy in washington. >> gretchen: coming up. we'll have the last jobs number before the election. what will happen with the unemployment rate? >> you might see a change. it is not a hugely significant event. we have the fact that we are in a slow-growth economy. the final report on gdp came in. i don't think you will see
6:55 am
anything wildly dramatic on friday>> gretchen: you think it staps below 8 percent. >> it is horrible compared to what the president promised. it is not good news. >> gretchen: all about the spins, right. james who made it in, thank you so much. coming up how will hurricane sandy affect the race for the white house in that state. governor will be here next. live teem coverage of hurricane sandy continue top of the hour. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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♪ >> gretchen: good morning everyone. it is monday, it is october 29th. her size is the store store. her reach unprecedented and look at the pictures so far . hurricane sandep a storm marching uplet east coast. >> steve: where is she and who is she impacting? ana is in long island, new york. and doug is in delaware and folks news meterologist maria molina in the weather center. >> brian: first of will be mar yampt you have the latest on the torm track and where is it headed.
7:00 am
>> sandy is category one hurricane and bit stronger than yesterday. it is forecast to continue to strengthen and with maximum suspain -- sustained winds. it is it a large storm system. we'll not just talk about where the center will move. sandy spans 800 miles and so it has a little bit of everything. it has hurricane characteristics and making a transition to northeastern type storm. snowfall falling over the west virginia virge and significant snowfall will be falling. two-three feet. and factor that in with strong wind blizzard conditions are expected. that is in west virginia virge through wednesday morning and very heavy rain in the dc/baltimore area. that is it rates half an inch
7:01 am
per hour. that is a bull's eye. the rain will continue today, tonight and even as tuesday and wednesday . many of you will see accumulation of a foot in the portions of the midatlantic. landfall expected tonight, sandy will be more of a nor'easter. that is not to make a difference in the impact in the northeast. water rising 11 feet in new york city area. you are on the northern side of the storm where you get the on shore flow. we are expecting historic flooding in long island sound and parts of manhattan. and we have prepare mayor bloomberg issued the evacuation in the five burroughs of the new york city area. time line in the afternoon
7:02 am
hours. rain will pick up and gusts to 65 miles per hour. and worst of the storm monday night and tuesday morning when the storm makes landfall gusts to 85 miles per hour or greater possible. and back end of the storm snow in west virginia and parts of the state of virginia. those folks could wind up with four feet of the snow. >> incredible. >> brian: i have never seen the streets empty. we got a memo to everyone's e-mail. we could at any time close all of the bridges and tunnels. >> steve: that's for people coming in to go to work today. last night the mayor along with other authorities turned off the buss and subways. >> brian: and there is no rain yet. >> steve: they are just being safe. local papers. new york city shut down and public transportation shut down and hundreds of thousands
7:03 am
of people forced out of their homes and monster storm, and brings the city to a halt. and no relief until wednesday . danger worse out in long island that could see a life threatening surge. anais out there? >> good morning to you guys. you mentioned transportation hut down in new york city. that is it the situation here in long beach. in fact, the bridge is only open for first responders and media coming in and of course, they are encouraging everybody to get out. awe county under mandatory evacuation and storm surge and low lying areas as well we spoke with emergency management this morning. and sun popping up a little bit and you are able to get an idea of what the identification is doing. angry, angry waves and watchinglet tide to come in.
7:04 am
8:19 is high tide . they are concerned about the boardwalk getting pounded. on top of the 11 foot storm surge that is it potential here, we are talking 20 foot waves. it is hard to wrap their mind around it some people are hunkering down. and they have been through storms before and they can handle it. but that is not what emergency management recommended. a lot of folks remember what irein did when she barreled over the northeast. at one point the atlantic ocean touched the bay. and emergency management trying to find higher ground for the vehicles. shelters have been set up for people. they were sending the city buses around the island and picking people up and shuttling them to the shelters they had pet friendly buss and
7:05 am
pet friendly shelters for them. this is something that is not seen for decade something to take serious for sure, guys. >> brian: you have the south shore where she is and north shore where the long island sound. it is harder in the north than in the south. >> steve: because of the storm surge. thank you very much, ana. the hurricane will push the water forward they are talking about the southern tip of manhattan for the storm surge to be six-10 phot and then hide tide that could be couple of more feet. it could be historic. the amount of the water that surges up. think of it as flooding essentially it comes to a hurricane, more people are kill would by the storm surge and flooding than the binds. >> brian: which happens after. >> gretchen: think of all of
7:06 am
that water coming in the base of manhattan and down in the subways and all of the electric and phone lines remembering the black out in new york city. all of the flooding that happened from that. we didn't have flood service or land lines for a month and that was just from the black out. this will be worse. >> steve: that's why they said to get off of the subway trains last night. the storm slowed down and not arriving as early as they thought. the center of the storm will impact new york city at 8:00. >> brian: what is mike emmanuels update? every day, every minute counts and now the storm come it is forcing president obama and mitt romney to change campaign plans. president obama cancelling his trip to orlando and heading back to washington dc. mike emmanuel is tanding by.
7:07 am
a quick audible by the president. >> he's in orlando and decided to pull the plug on the event in the university of central florida designed to rally the youth vote. he was due to do three events with forevermore president clinton. the event will continue on here but the president due to the deteriorating weather conditions in washington decide go back to washington to oversee and monitor the federal reponce to the hurricane that is hitting the east coast dilemma for the obama campaign. you want your message out to people yet to rote and then critical yob of leading the federal government. here is the president talking about the hurricane in fema head quarters. my message to the governors and mayors, anything they need we'll be there. we'll cut through red tape and
7:08 am
not get bogged down with a lot of rules. >> so the visit's president to orlando was a visit to the campaign head quarter deliver pizza to the volunteers and thank them for hard work and said with storm going on and plans on the fly they were more critical to the campaign. >> steve: what about the governor romny. he had events i believe in the commonwealth of virginia? >> there is concern from both campaigns for vol tierce that are out in the battle ground states trying to pull off thentious vents and governor romny will go to ohio, wisconsin and out of the path of the storm. he has expressed concern. >> brian: i understand they -- nervous about the storm and our thoughts and prayers for the people who find themselves
7:09 am
in harm's way. [ applause ] >> it is interesting to note the tone over the next couple of days as governor mitt romney is trying to make the argument that he deserves to be the president of the united states. >> gretchen: thank you very much. >> brian: at least you are bill clinton and he gets big crowds. it is delegate campaigning. >> steve: because the eyes of the nation are on the eye the storm. >> gretchen: eyes are on how the candidates handle it. the president in the libya situation he went to campaign and got blow back for that. ship with 17 people on board in distress as hurricane sandy moves up the east coast. hmy near hatters it is taking on water. the coast guard said it is
7:10 am
monitoring thuation. hurricane sandy silencing the opening bell. it is the first weather related closure in twen years and hear that the markets may be closed tomorrow. big apple bracing for the big hurricane. statu of liberty reopened to the public. but super storm sandy shutting it down. stairs were replace exclude there is wheelchairac sess to the day. it is her 126th birthday. >> standing strong and reminding us that we as a nation of immigrants are strong and millions of people who pass by the statu on the way to the better world strengthened us in a pursuit of the a more perfect union.
7:11 am
>> gretchen: the statu will be closed next two days because of hurricane sandy. hurricane can't stop kim card card from -- kardashian from making a splash. the blond wig was $2000 because it is made of real human hair. and those are your head lines this morning. >> steve: five dollar ones look yust as good? >> brian: i am not sure. donald trump made the president an offer he could not refuse. has he heard from the white house >> steve: you are looking live at the outer banks of north carolina. live teem coverage much hurricane sandy continues in moments. you are watching "fox and friends", folks. if you ared to evacuate do it now. the last time we saw anything like this was never. was never. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people like you, are choosing advil®
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7:15 am
>> gretchen: 15 minutes after the top of the hour. time for your hurricane sandy news by the numbers. first, ten million. that's how many people could be left in the dark across the east coast because of this storm. some outages expected to last more than a week. next, 47500. that's how many flights have been canceled because of the hurricane. numerous other flights have been delayed. last, 350,000. that's how many new york stires did not have been forced to leave their homes because of hurricane sandy. they live in low lying areas deemed unsafe because of the storm surge. people in connecticut as well. nearby neighborhoods to me were also evacuated. thousands of people, i'm sure it's happening in new jersey and other parts of new york as well. >> brian: donald trump is not letting the rain stop him and the focus storm stop him from calling in. are you working today? >> i am going to be working. my office is actually up and we
7:16 am
have so many people, they're so dedicated, they all want to come in. >> brian: they're here. the gdp numbers come in, growing at 2% as opposed to 1.3. if that make you feel like the economy is going in the right direction. >> in china and other countries are growing by higher numbers. somehow psychologically, i have a hard time hamming that china will be ahead of us. >> steve: when you think about the fact this president and this administration has spent $5 trillion and less than 2% gdp, that's all we got? n they didn't really spend 5 trillion of the they wasted 35 trillion. there is a big difference in the words. if they spent it, that's one thing, this wasted it. it's very sad when you lock at what's happening around the world and you look at some of these places, brazil and india and china and many, many, many other places and then you look at us and we're like a pathetic
7:17 am
fraction of what we used to be. >> gretchen: let's talk about the unemployment number because as we all know, it went down to it went down to 7.8%. some people questioned that number. and the next jobs and unemployment number report will come out tend of this week before the election, the last one. what do you expect to happen? >> the 7.8 was a totally fraudulent number, as far as i'm concerned. it's not going to be 7.8. they'll readjust that probably after the election because that's obviously much better. but they'll readjust that number upwards substantially. by that teen-ager the election probably will be over. your numbers are going to be coming out shortly and if they're honest and if they're done by honorable people, the unemployment rate will not be good. >> brian: it was a few days ago where you hopped on your steady cam and you said, hey, mr. president, i have a challenge for you. five or is it six? $5 million if you produce your college transcript. how has the president responded?
7:18 am
>> first of all, i have to tell you this, tremendous momentum. when i originally did it the first little while, people didn't quite get it and there was a little bit of a backlash. it was people that didn't like it. but there are a lot of people that did. now there is unbelievable momentum and if you saw i did the letterman show. by the way, his ratings were through the roof, he killed leno that night. i did the letterman show on thursday. the momentum on this thing is unbelievable what's going on and i suggested a couple of things. wounded warriors which are great, 5 million to wound warriors. or you know what? the families of the benghazi victims, because if you look at the imcompetence of the handling of the whole situation with the ambassador in benghazi and the others, i would say give the money to them. >> gretchen: your challenge was if he would release his college transcripts, you would donate $5 million to the charity of his choice? >> yes. you would donate $5,000 to the
7:19 am
charity of choice. what do you hope to see in the transcripts? >> i hope to see nothing of a would make the presidency a sham for the last four years. so if i really -- people don't understand this. people think like oh, gee, is he really being serious? i am being serious. what i would hope is that i would see absolutely nothing wrong 'cause if there is something wrong, like he was born in a different country, like lots of other things that he said even questions on religion, i wonder -- if certain things were there, especially of course, born in a different place, then he said, which is a possibility, that would make the presidency a sham. i hope that we wouldn't find that. i would like to give the money and have those records be perfect. now, somebody said, you could offer a billion dollars and he wouldn't give the records because the records are so wrong
7:20 am
and so terrible. i don't know that to be a fact. he has until wednesday at 5:00 o'clock to give his records. if he gives the records, $5 million to a charity of his choice. >> steve: donald trump, before you go, on a scale of one to ten what, are the odds that he'll do that before then? >> i don't want to say that. this is a serious offer. as i told you, it has tremendous momentum. you know when i was doing david letterman, one of the things he said, well, do you think he was born in this country? and i said, i really don't know. i can't answer that. i can't answer. that what about you you, i probably think he was the. the word is probably. that is bad word, david. and he said, if he wasn't board wnorn this country, he isn't allowed to be president. i have very serious offer. by the way, millions of people are loving this offer. they love it. we'll see what happens. we'll talk to you again.
7:21 am
could you hold on. coming in. could you hold on because we >> sure. >> gretchen: next, the battle for virginia, how will hurricane sands will affect the race for the white house. >> steve: live pictures from delaware at this hour. our live team coverage of hurricane sandy continues just moments away. currently she is east of new york city, 400 miles hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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7:24 am
>> steve: just? , video from virginia beach, virginia. >> steve: just in virginia, virginia beach you can see the rain coming down who are don'tly at times and power is the prime concern in the commonwealth of virginia. thousands are already in the dark on this monday morning. >> brian: we had the virginia governor but it's about survival and trying on lessen the damage.
7:25 am
joining us is bob mcdonald. what is your biggest concern regarding sandy? it's the sustained winds and rain and flooding and power outages that we're concerned about. this is going to be a four-day evice president for coastal virginia. we're expecting eight to ten inches at the coast. sustained winds of 40 to 50 and gusts to hurricane force and that means power outage, downed trees and that's when you get into the problems. now a blizzard warning for southwest virginia that just came in. one to two feet of snow in the mountains of southwest virginia in the southwest virginia as it effect and we got a lot of national guard, state police and others deployed. but i think our people are ready and on top of it. >> steve: i've read estimates that the power companies there in the old dominion are estimating a million people could be without power by the time that sandy is all done
7:26 am
blowing through the state. which brings us this, there could be millions of people who are not able to watch this program and other programs tomorrow because of no power. we had the chance with a bunch of shovel ready programs a couple years ago. why didn't we bury the power lines when we had a chance in. >> some have been done. it's an expensive transition to do that. the power company tried to provide service at the lower cost. there is a move over time to do that, especially along the coast. but it adds to the expense for the customer. >> brian: that would have been a shovel ready project, which actually needed shovels. governor, let's talk about your state in regards to the election. everything is canceled because they had events in your city, in your state. do you sense the campaigning in virginia is done? >> heck no. governor romney called me saturday and we discussed the situation and i was pleased that they decided to cancel the event
7:27 am
so we could do all the preparations yesterday in virginia. yesterday in virginia. president also cancelled events today. they are not done. there are eight days left. i expect to see the candidates back. i certainly hope to see governor romney back a couple times before we're done. we have to win virginia. >> steve: you're the chairman of the republican governors association and it looks like, if you look at the data, it looks like the republicans are poised to pick up more state houses. >> the priority obviously is to pick up virginia for the president of the united states and i think based on the president's horrible record on jobs, on spending, on debt, on energy, on the military affecting my state in a big way, i think we'll win virginia by a few points. but right now you're right. we're going to win north carolina, our candidates ahead by 15 points and helping governor romney down there. we've got competitive races now. it's even or margin of error and new hampshire and montana and
7:28 am
washington state. we got a chance to win washington state, first time in 28 years. so i'm pretty bullish we'll be over 30 governors in the country that are conservative, fiscally minded and that's going to be good for the country. >> gretchen: the ships ships any net comment from the debate. did that rivet at all with your naval community? >> it was a silly comment. the united states navy's home on the east coast is here in norfolk, virginia. to insinuate somehow that we need less ships that they would go the way of bayonets and horses is ridiculous. the defense review said we need 346. we've got under 290 now heading the wrong way. so of course, the united states navy is what projects military power around the world. we've got to strengthen the navy. mitt romney will do it. barak obama won't. mitt romney will reverse the defense cuts. sequestration cuts. the president won't. we need a change.
7:29 am
>> steve: i think we know who you're going to be voting for next tuesday. >> you got it. >> steve: we know you've got a very busy day down there in virginia and our thoughts and prayers are with you folk there is and all over the east coast. >> brian: really compelling senate race. with two minutes before the bottom of the hour, the fall of a navy seal killed in benghazi sending a powerful message to the president. >> my son and the others died heros and it's better to die the death of a hero than it is to live the life of a coward. >> brian: more from tyrone woods' dad next. >> steve: new videos in to fox from the outer banks. look at that. can you imagine if that was your beach house? we'll be right back. endless shrimp is our most popular promotion
7:30 am
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7:33 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. amazing new photos coming in to "fox & friends" friends this morning. out of north carolina. streets have been turned into rivers, literally. you can see drivers stopped in their tracks in a massive pier no match for the storm surge. the waves turning the wood into splinters. if you have pictures, you where you can twitter them to us as well. >> steve: meanwhile, another incredible image to show you. that is sea foam blowing onto
7:34 am
ginesse pier. >> brian: where is sandy centered now? maria molina has been tracking this storm. we've been live since 4:00 o'clock in the morning. she joins us with the latest information. hey, maria. >> good morning. the center of sandy now is located about 385 miles to the south southeast of new york city. south-southeast of new york city. some of those wind gusts being reported at over 40 miles an hour. i did see one wind gust across reported about 37, 38 miles per hour. even though it's far away, we're miles an hour. we are feeling the impact of sandy across the new york city area. one thing i do want to point out to you guys, we have an advisory from the national hurricane center. we'll see if sandy has intensified further. the central minimum pressure is incredibly low. 946 millibars that. could be breaking records out across portions of the northeast as the system continues to make landfall. currently maximum sustained winds at 85 miles per hour.
7:35 am
forecast to continue to strengthen as we head into later on today and by the time we make landfall this evening, it could have maximum sustained winds at 90 miles per hour. of course, once again separated from the water, it will continue to weaken. once it moves inland, we're going to be feeling the impacts not just throughout today, the overnight hours, but for several days across portions of the northeast, into new england as sandy will continue to weaken over the next several days in our area. a lot of heavy rain coming across the dc-baltimore heavy. i'll have to confirm, but i did see reports on twitter that there are power outages already across portions of new jersey. on the back end of the storage system, that snow coming down, two to three feet expected locally. more across higher elevations, across west virginia and western parts of the state of virginia. guys? >> steve: thank you very much. >> brian: getting closer and closer. our live coverage continues now in new jersey. these live pictures coming from seaside heights.
7:36 am
the pier there taking a beating at this hour. looks to get worse. joining us live from point pleasant, jeff from the "fox business" network. >> down the beach from us in seaside and we are here in point pleasant beach and perhaps you see, this, to me, is not, and i've been in a the love hurricanes, not a cat 1 hurricane, 300 miles away. this is more intense conditions and i think that is owing to the combination of systems that we are seeing here. these waves behind us have been crashing all morning and i tell you, i do think that's going to be the story at the end of the day. today will be the storm surge right here along the coast. obviously the boardwalk here in point pleasant beach is shut down and already we're seeing a lot of surge and a lot of erosion, beach erosion that takes place. if i turn right into it, by the way, this is what you kind of get if you look facing straight into the wind right now, we're getting it from actually north
7:37 am
to south because of the way this is rotating in. it's early. we're hours away from any kind of landfall and this is what we're already getting. a very difficult day along the south jersey shore. we'll stay with it. >> brian: turn around. are those normal size waves? they seem to have gotten bigger since you started your live shot. they have gotten bigger since you started your live shot? >> i think i conspired with the gods on that one. but occasionally you will get one surge all the way to our camera position with rich up on the boardwalk. they come in waves. it's going to get worse. >> steve: watch injure back. you never know when a big rogue wave will come along. jeff flock live in point pleasant, new jersey, but today it's point not so pleasant new jersey. >> gretchen: now north carolina, joining us live from kill devil hills is elizabeth prann. let's take a look at her conditions there. hi, elizabeth. >> hi, gretchen.
7:38 am
these winds are starting to calm down. now they're at 30 miles an hour. we're gotting the cold sideways rain. if you look behind me, we're still getting about eight feet waves and keep in mind, we're 200 miles away from the center of the storm, showing you the power of the storm really a preview of what will be happening in the states north of us. we have video of homes literally being inundated with water. now i'm standing on a sand dune, so i'm forgetted by the waves. but there is a lot of homes that don't necessarily have that type of protection. as that storm started to brush the state, the winds actually shifted, pushing that storm surge up into the sound. we expect major flooding today even after the storm starts to pass the majority of the state. die have new information for you. we talked about a vessel that was about 90 miles south of cape hatteras that had 17 people on board. it was a replica bounty style ship. those people are now off the ship, according to the coast guard, in two life boats. they are in constant
7:39 am
communication with the coast guard. right now it is too dangerous for the coast guard to go out and rescue those folks. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. back to you. >> gretchen: thanks very much. >> brian: amazing to see the waves just over that peaceful looking dune. as high winds and rain slam the east coast, residents in pennsylvania are preparing for the worst. sandy is approaching the central part of the state, closing schools, shutting down mass transit, canceling hundreds of flights. >> steve: pen opinion governor joins us live with the latest. good morning to you, governor. >> good morning. how are you? >> steve: fine, thank you very much. we know you've got your hands full. i see you've already put 1600 pennsylvania national guardsmen on stand-by. >> that's right. we have another 16,000 available to us if we need them. we've closed state offices across the commonwealth. schools are already closed in southeastern pennsylvania. south central pennsylvania. so we have been preparing. we started yesterday as many
7:40 am
other states did. i have to say that the people are work very closely together to await the arrival of sandy. >> gretchen: one of the things that people who don't live on the northeast part of the country, maybe it's not as understandable to them as this concept of a nor'easter meeting a hurricane at the same time, right in. >> well, nobody has any memory of an event like that taking place and it is really made all of the first responders stand up and take a look at what's coming. we're trying to warn everybody that this is a dangerous storm with high winds for a long period of time, for between 18 and 24, maybe 36 hours. right now we see winds of 20 to 25 miles an hour in the philadelphia and southeastern pennsylvania area. we're seeing the outer bands of the rain starting to come in to lancaster county. if i look at the storm track, if i recall correctly, goes through
7:41 am
the whole central part of the state. what we were also concerned about, in addition to the high winds for the next 24 hours, is flooding down the road, wednesday and thursday. if the rains sit here for any length of time. right now we're worried about small creek flooding in low lying areas flooding. as you recall, we had a pretty severe flood when tropical storm lee came through central pennsylvania and hurricane -- i forget her name -- just came through philadelphia last year. >> brian: was it irene? >> we're ready for it. >> brian: what i like about this in termination of it's going to be a severe storm, but you've given us lead time of the we've had four days, maybe more to prepare. it's up to personal responsibility. you can only do so much the do you agree? >> that's exactly right. it is up to the people to keep themselves out of harm's way. we ask them to stay off the streets once the winds start, to clean up their backyard so there
7:42 am
are no projectiles flying that could harm them and just be prepared for maybe an extended period of time without electricity because as we know, this type of high winds, are going to knockout line, trees will go down, they need to be ready for an extended period of time without electricity. >> steve: i can't talk to you the last time a governor of a state regarding a hurricane, that wasn't along the coast. for the most part, pennsylvania is not a coastal state and yet here you've got this gigantic, historic storm that's wreaking havoc right there in your state of pennsylvania. >> brian: you're landlocked. >> that's exactly right. i can tell you, 40 years ago in 1972 in june, we had hurricane agnes come through. and it came up, it stopped over central pennsylvania, rained for four solid days and one of the worst floods in history. >> gretchen: hopefully everything will work as best as possible in the state of pennsylvania and surrounding
7:43 am
states. governor corbitt, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, the president promised to end petty politics in 2008. his credit psychics say that's all we're seeing in his current campaign. could that strategy backfire? we'll discuss that coming up. >> brian: and the federal government certainly no stranger to natural disasters. so how does it plan to handle this one? live report from fema next [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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7:47 am
so how do they handle this one? >> gretchen: joining us is fema administrator, good to sigh again. unfortunately, we always see when you there is something bad impending. how are you categorizing this storm that we're about to face on the northeast? >> it's big. everybody wants to kind of describe it in some kind of terms and i'm really looking at what are the impacts going to be. storm surge, evacuate, heavy rain, flooding, lots of wind power outages and a blizzard in the appalachians. >> steve: it's just a cornucopia of bad stuff all mixed into one. i know you have said that fema's response is going to be big and fast. response is going to be big and fast. the storm may move ever so slowly it will be hard to get the rescue guys and people in the bucket trucks out to restore the power until the storm goes by. you don't want people out in a bucket truck in 60-70 mile-an-hour winds?
7:48 am
>> that is concern is the power outages is to get the power lines back up. until we see how much power is won't know what the estimates for getting it -- what i tell people, get ready for days. we do expect power outages over large areas this time. >> gretchen: so some of the ways in which people can prepare for this impending sandy, tips from fema, search for open shelters by texting shelter plus zip code to 4, the number 4, fema. correct? >> yes. again, try to make it easy for people on their mobile devices to get information. avoid having to use phones. >> brian: i see all the local stations here saying hey, i know you'll lose electricity, get the app for your phone and this way you're not going to be cut off this time. that's even changed more this year than last year's hurricane. >> yeah. i think again, we've seen people with mobile devices, if they can keep them charged and they have signals, good way to keep in touch, let people know they're
7:49 am
okay, but also get information about what's going on in their community. >> brian: if you lose power, bring your car charger 'cause usually you can get your car going. >> yeah. >> steve: we know you've got a very, very busy day for the next four days in front of you. thank you very much for stopping by from dc headquarters. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, the president promised to end petty politics in 2008. now he's coining phrases like ronnesia. will that backfire? >> brian: first, this day in history, 1987, we were all in grammar school. "bad" was the number one song by michael jackson. he passed away. ♪ [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] woer what other questionable choices i've made?
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7:53 am
>>. let me tell you what you don't deserve. you don't deserve a bunch of name calling. you don't deserve a bunch of mudslinging. >> if you don't have anything good to say about anybody, you shouldn't say anything. that is part of politics. the politics of insults. you guys spend all your time insulting each other. >> steve: that was four years ago and you wonder if he is turning into the person he campaigned against us. joining saws columnist for the "new york post." it is amusing to then senator barack obama saying things in 2008 that he is doing in 2012. >> it's classic of somebody who is in trouble and not doing well. it's always a good sign of somebody who feels confident he says, let's not go negative.
7:54 am
we can be very positive. negativity, negative campaigning character assassination is really a mark of a campaign that needs to depress voter turnout on the other side and try to go really for the jugular to get your own people to be motivated negatively. >> steve: you wrote a column over the weekend about how the sitting president of the united states used the word -- we're not going to say it -- but it's a in front of the esteemed historian douglas brinkley. it was on the record. you say that shows how low this president has gone. >> presidents have used salty language. >> on the record. >> richard nixon tapes, used words expletive hundreds of times. one could say two things about the president's reference to
7:55 am
mitt romney it takes one to know one. when a president of the united states talks in a certain way in public, it changes the terms of the discussion nationwide. it matters when a president is informal as barack obama has become, particularly in language because we are losing the capacity to tell a eight-year-old saying b.s. is unacceptable. >> steve: in fact you write how he was referring to the wisdom of children and he got it exactly backwards. >> he said children know a when they see them. i have three small chin of my own, it f it on were the case that children were that perceptive, one would have to tell them not to talk to strangers and no take candy from strangers. we don't believe children are that perceptive.
7:56 am
we want their innocence to be preserved. >> steve: is the fact is name calling and gone negative while mitt romney is talking about positive things, is that a sign of desperation? >> i don't know. i think he really needs the negative intensity of his own team. he wants them to think romney is a bad guy and he wants them to vote against romney for reasons having to do with romney's character, not romney's policies. >> steve: all right. read all about it john podhoretz. thanks very much. straight ahead. the father of a navy seal in benghazi sending a powerful message directly to president obama. >> my son and the others died heroes and it's better to die the death of a hero than it is to live the life of a coward. >> steve: as the president refusing to answer questions
7:57 am
about the deadly attack. congressman is not giving up. he is here. this is being called a monster historic storm. we showed out rain and wind and check out snow in north carolina. live reports up and down the coast in two minutes. honey, thehave e 55 inch lg...
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us on this special edition coverage of "fox & friends" monday, october 29, 2012. we are talking almost we are talking about exclusively hurricane sandy with a bit of political news, as well. take a look at these pictures. historic punch just into fox and friends, this monster storm, unlike anything we have ever seen before. we have live coverage, peter
8:01 am
kooiman in long beans new york. and marianoly in a is in the weather center. let's get to maria and the latest on the storm's track. sandy even dumping snow now on parts of north carolina and west virginia. check out these pictures from beach mountain. >> amazing. goodness. we're going to be talking about two to three feet of snow possible along some of the higher elevations of the state of west virginia, along with blizzard conditions. this is not just a hurricane, but hurricane sandy also colliding with a strong front and that's really why we're hurricane sandy colliding with a strong storm. we're going to see a lot of snow and wind and also a lot of rainfall on the eastern side of portions of the i-75 corridor. hurricane center at the top of the hour. basically indicating that sandy has now started to make that turn toward the west. that sharp left turn we are anticipating is now starting to be seen from sandy, moving toward the north northwest at 20 miles per hour. it has also picked up in forward speed.
8:02 am
we would hope that it would stay moving quickly. of course, we know that's not the case. it's going to be slowing down once it does move inland. this is why this will be a prolonged event. another reason why we'll be feeling it for such a long period of time is that it's such a large storm system. spanning 800 miles from one end to the other. the center is 310 miles away from new york city. we are already starting to feel tropical storm force wind gusts across long island and parts of new jersey. landfall later tonight around the evening or nighttime hours, across central and southern nighttime hours across central and southern portions of new jersey. it will have maximum winds then about 90 miles an hour. regardless of whener the center is, many people will be feeling the impacts from it. like we mentioned we're seeing that snow coming down portions virginia. you can see it right there on the satellite radar picture, coming down heavily across the mountains and the rain is coming down very heavily across the
8:03 am
dc-baltimore area. we'll get reports of flooding if we're not seeing that already across places across maryland, in through portions of southeastern virginia. rain picking up across the new york city area. we're seeing the rain bands moving inland. wind gusts picking up 46 in islip. portions of jfk picking up a wind gust over 50 miles per hour and it's going to go downhill from here. over the next several hours and just again, a prolonged period of time that we will be dealing with sandy. that's really what makes it a dangerous storm. >> steve: one of the other things that makes it dangerous, perhaps later today, it will go from being a hurricane to just a great big storm. i think when people hear oh, it's no longer a hurricane, it's no longer dangerous. this is dangerous. >> extremely dangerous. it will make that transition from a hurricane to more of a post tropical storm. that's really why the national hurricane center didn't issue out any hurricane warnings across the northeast, because they didn't want people to get
8:04 am
confused or have to discontinue the hurricane warnings. so we have a number of high wind warnings in effect across northeast, even into portions of new england because you will be possibly dealing with hurricane force winds into portion of new england over the next couple of days. >> steve: amazing. historic. thank you. >> brian: i know a lot of you didn't have time to get the paper today. don't look fort paper boy to collect today. we are going to tell you what's happening. if you're in the new york area and "new york times," northeast braces for deadly surge and lashing wind. then it gets bigger. the daily news, shut, sit braces for a monster storm, complete storm survival guide inside. the other story is jason pierre poll had the big interception. i digress. then here is the "new york post." the new york closed. stock exchange closed. they're ready to shut down the item, bridges. they told the trains to stop running, we're not paying you. the other story is this little hand, these few fingers gave the
8:05 am
giants a victory. but i don't want to get into sports. >> steve: very clever how you worked sports into the victory zbloostd very good to work sports. >> brian: to give people an idea could see a life-threatening storm surge. joining us live from long beach is anna kooiman. hey, anna. >> good morning to you. this is the same story as far as transportation goes. the bridge has been closed, unless you're a first stoppedder or member of the media. they have been encouraging everybody to get out. nassau county, beginning yesterday they were under a mandatory evacuation for low lying areas. i want you to look at these waves. been getting huge ones. we're approaching high tide coming at 8:19. they're all big. but every once in a while, you get one and it's wow. hits you in your heart, you feel it. yesterday we watched the city buses picking up people, taking
8:06 am
them to shelters. they even had pet friendly shelters and pet friendly buses picking them up going along their route, going to shelters that have been set up by the red cross. these people are bracing for widespread power outages that could last for a very long time. as maria is talking about, this frankenstorm as they're calling it because of the timing and the cold air that's coming and the snow as well, the power outages could last longer and make it harder for crews to come and fix it. back to you. >> brian: so far it's a delay of game, right? we thought rain would be coming down about 3:00 o'clock in the morning. now you have winds and high surge. >> steve: the rain is coming. >> yeah. it's been off and on. right now we're feeling a mist and the winds have been coming and going. but our hotel is literally right here. they're expecting the waves to be hitting our hotel. there is an 11-foot storm surge
8:07 am
expected and then 20-foot waves on top of that. so yeah. it's hurry up and wait a bit right now. but we're ready. we're right in the middle of it. >> steve: let's go down the coast a piece to delaware. peter doocy is standing by. peter, the bulk of the storm not there yet, but you certainly are feeling some tropical winds. >> we are. the wind is hard. the air is very cold. and just look behind me. the waves, now that the sun has come up, we get a sense of how tall the waves are. we've been seeing them when they were closer to shore with our camera lights. now you can see -- they're not just coming straight in. they're all crashing in. it's really loud. you're hearing it. here in delaware also we're getting reports now that the national guard along with some fire companies and police departments are having to rescue some folks who did not evacuate last night by 8:00 o'clock like they were supposed to.
8:08 am
they're dealing with the very harsh effects of some flooding now. we don't have any reports about how those rescues are going, burr the governor of delaware put out the word that the national guard is assisting with the local authorities and also i mentioned earlier this morning when it was still dark, this is the boardwalk, dune here last night, this is the boardwalk and it lines up to a bunch of places to eat and to stay and to shop and the ocean in the last hour or so, you can see it coming right here. the ocean is coming up, it's up all the way. and for the first time right now the atlantic ocean is hitting our hotel. there are some sandbags. there is a lot of stuff -- excuse me. the wind -- you can see they've got a whole here that's taking a lot of the water. but this is not good. this is not good. this boardwalk, pretty long, goes down for basically as far
8:09 am
as the eye can see. visibility not so good now. you can see the ocean washed away. there is a lot of shells and rocks as far down as i can see. most of it has gone down into the board, the water. but it's completely dirty now. and anybody that does not have a sandbag or a board on the wall right now is going to have water in their shop. back to you in new york. >> steve: dramatic pictures in delaware. it's not even high tide there yet. so look out, peter. >> gretchen: now to some other headlines because we want to show you the photo of the white house bracing for hurricane sandy as well. sandbags outside as the super storm moves up the east coast. storm shaking up schedules and plans for the campaigns with only eight days left. moments ago we learned president obama has canceled his appearance at a rally in orlando, florida, and heading back to the white house to monitor the storm. mitt romney visiting ohio, iowa and wisconsin today. all states that could sway the election. his campaign bus now helping with relief efforts across the
8:10 am
east coast. the campaign also suspending fund-raiser e-mails in states in sandy's path, like new jersey, north carolina, pennsylvania, and virginia. we learned 17 people stranded near the center of a hurricane abandoned their ship. the 180-foot hms bounty was taking on water near hatteras, north carolina. the crew put on their survival suits and jumped into two life boats. they jumped into two lifeboats. coastguard responded over night but was only monitoring because of weather conditions. >> as i mentioned a bit earlier, sandy silencing the opening bell. u.s. stock markets are closed today as it sandy makes up the way in the east coast. we hear the markets will be probably be closed tomorrow. big apple bracing are for the hurricane and shut down mass transit and subways and buses and bridges and everything else.
8:11 am
>> steve: maybe electronic trading but nobody is showing up in benghazi sending a powerful message direct to the commander in chief. >> my son and the others died heros and it's better to die the death of a hero than it is to live the life of a coward. >> steve: this as the president refusing to answer questions about the deadly attack. congressman jason chaffetz not giving up. he have joins us in a cup of minutes. >> gretchen: many are comparing sandy to the perfect storm of 1991. we're going to talk to a survivor of that storm coming up [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
8:12 am
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8:15 am
libya. he says he needs more time to determine what happened. he says he needs more time. >> the election has nothing on do with four measures getting killed. but these are folks that served under me that i had sent to some very dangerous places, nobody wants to find out more than what happened than i do. we want to make sure we get it right. >> jason chaffetz is battling to get to the bottom of what happened. good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: president of united states, give me more time. when you look at the september 11th attack in 2001, keep in mind it has been six weeks since our ambassador and the other three americans were murdered. it's been six weeks. four weeks after 9/11, 2001 we videotape out there of what happened.
8:16 am
somebody has connected the dots. what's taking so long? >> remember, the obama administration testified in a hearing that we had that they were watching this or witnessing this virtually in real time. we have survivors that were there on the scene. they know exactly what happened. when i went to libya and i visited with the people there at our embassy in tripoli, there was no doubt in their minds what had happened. there was no mention of the video. there was no mention of a mob. but they know exactly what happened, plus supposedly according to press reports, we had drones in the air. so i think we do know what happened. we have four dead americans and we have an administration that is not being held accountable. it's been mislieding the public and they're not releasing the video and audio we though that they have. >> steve: why aren't they being held accountable? i know a couple days ago, the president sat down for a local tv interview with a guy from kusa out in denver and a couple of times he said, were they denied requests for help? we're talking about the c.i.a. guys who said, we want to go in and help those guys and
8:17 am
apparently they were denied three times. so why isn't the president being forth coming? >> the president has he repeatedly stated that he did everything he could to make sure the people in benghazi were as safe as possible. but when i went to libya, when i visited with general ham, generalham told me personally that he did not get a call, he did not receive orders to send in the military option. they had proximity, they had capability and may have taken a little time to get there, but this fire fight started at 9:40 a.m it was still going on into the wee hours of the morning. the president did not do this. you can't have it both ways, mr. president. you can't say you're using every option and at the same time, not using the military option. >> steve: congressman, you've got to figure the white house, they see the calendar, it's eight days until the presidential election. to them, there is a political component. but at the same time, four americans were murdered, including tyrone woods. his father was on with geraldo last night and said the president did not do enough to
8:18 am
save his son's life. listen to this. >> any consulate anywhere in the world is american soil. your honor, i respect your office as president, but if this attack on american citizens, on american soil happened 2,000 miles away from washington, d.c., say in los angeles, or in seattle, would you have waited seven hours before you sent the first airplane? >> remember this, mr. president, my son and the others died heros and it's better to die the death of a hero than it is to live the life of a coward. >> steve: congressman, your reaction? >> powerful stuff. god bless him. the men and women who are serving in harm agencies way, the people who lost their lives, we have people still in the hospital as a result of this attack. i tell you, i'm going to fight every step of the way to just make sure that the truth surfaces and thus far, that has not happened. >> steve: the heart breaking thing is so many people in
8:19 am
washington know exactly what happened and they're just keeping their lips zipped. >> we have good whistle blowers. the only reason we're at this point is chairman darrell issa and myself have been insisting we got answers. we did have a hearing and these brave whistle blowers have come forward and i hope they continue to come forward because america deserves to see that video, understand the documents and make sure this never, ever happens again. >> steve: absolutely. congressman, thank you very much for joining us this morning from utah. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. many are comparing sandy, the hurricane, to the so-called perfect storm back in 1991 that they made that movie about. we'll talk to a survivor of that storm coming up. and check out this picture from virginia beach, virginia. more of these incredible images when our fox team coverage of sandy continues live from new york and all up and down the east coast [ female announcer ] a classic meatloaf recipe from stouffer's
8:20 am
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8:23 am
>> steve: let's take a look at hurricane sandy right now. our own reporter jeff flock taking a beating on the jersey shore. he joins us from point pleasant. as i said earlier, point not so pleasant right now. >> going to get unpleasanter as the day goes on, steve. i think. this is something on fbn told us, what are you getting excited about a category 1 hurricane? the fact is, this is not a category 1 hurricane. this is something much more. the conditions we're seeing,
8:24 am
usually 260 miles away from shore action which is what this is, would probably come in in little fingers and waves. this is it intense conditions and continued to intensify. this kind of channel that's getting cut on the beach, this is happening all up and down the south jersey coast today, steve. not going to be pretty when it's done. >> steve: it's not. just stay safe as you walk along the beach there. gretch, brian? >> gretchen: many comparing >> gretchen: many comparing sandy to the so-called perfect storm of 1991. >> brian: the story is from that storm have become legendary from a hit movie. a man that lived through it. that dove through hundred foot waves because his helicopter was going down. john spillane. welcome. first, repaint that 1991, that storm.
8:25 am
you were out to save somebody. next thing you know your chopper was going down because you were running out of gas? >> we were trying to get home. the mission required us to fly 500 miles of open water. we were were unsuccessful for the last refueling. >> gretchen: so you had to jump out of the helicopter, seconds notice? at when the aircraft commander determined we would ditch, that we could not take on fuel, we couldn't make contact because of the severe turbulence, that gave us 20 minutes to descend to 5,000 feet, which we needed every minute of that because we were zero visibility. we were -- we broke out of the clouds at 200 feet above the water level and we were in a hover for perhaps two minutes and during that time, the number within engine flamed out. we only have two. >> brian: europe in the water.
8:26 am
your wet suit is an aid. but for the most part, you got to keep yourself above water in 100-foot waves. did you think to yourself, no one is coming for help until after this storm is over? >> i absolutely thought nobody for help? >> i thought nobody would come before daylight. i knew the storm was forecasted to last for three days. >> gretchen: so the way you describe it you were with somebody else and they were going through hypothermia. you are both physically ill and underwater 30 seconds at a time and all these injuries, infrastructures why your body? >> i with a alone the first linked up with my fellow clue members who were wearing strobe lights. i spent the last three hours with my aircraft commander and my flight engineer, jim, and jim was experiencing hypothermia. >> brian: you were able to survive and got picked up by this huge 205-foot coast cutter
8:27 am
that somehow found its way through the waves. as you see this storm, for those people who want to be cowboys about it, what's your recommendation? >> don't. i would take heed of the vast collective experience that's out there that says don't do these things. >> brian: crew the guys who have to save people who think they can withstand the storm and ignore the warnings. >> that, too. it does put the rescuers' lives in jeopardy. my experience is if you haven't experienced something, it doesn't mean it can't happen. realize in these high risk situationser, you could be a victim. >> gretchen: this is in 1991, many people comparing this storm that's going to happen today and tomorrow to that storm. john, thanks for sharing your story. >> my pleasure. >> brian: three minutes before the bottom of hour. next up, is terrorism 101, this college professor requiring students to plan a terrorist attack? >> gretchen: can hurricane sandy stop mitt romney's momentum in its tracks? we're live from his campaign in ohio
8:28 am
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>> gretchen: take a look at this picture just in. these are some of the most incredible pictures we've seen
8:32 am
this morning of hurricane sandy. her size and scope unprecedented. set to break havoc of historic proportions. >> steve: we continue live team coverage for you this morning. steve keely is live in atlantic city, new jersey. john roberts is in avon lake, ohio, where the romney campaign is right now. and residents are bracing for snow. but first let's start with fox news meteorologist maria molina in the weather center. maria, you said a little while ago that it looks like sandy is still about 350 miles or so to the east of new york, right? >> yeah. >> about 310 miles south-southeast of the new york city area. it spans 800 miles from one end to the other. just to give you perspective on how large that is, we're talking about storm warnings issued across the great lakes, north of illinois because they're going to see waves building to 25 feet because of how strong this storm system is and how wide its wind field is. we're also talking about snow. blizzard warnings posted across the state of west virginia
8:33 am
because two to three feet of snow can fall out there. north carolina picking up snowfall. and the coastal impacts that are expected with this storm system seeing heavy rain already falling across places in new jersey, parts of maryland, delaware. we're seeing significant rainfall across the dc-baltimore area. and storm surges, another major concern with the new york city area possibly seeing a storm surge as high as 11 feet. the center of the storm system is still forecast to move over southern and central new jersey as we head into this evening and tonight. maximum sustained winds, stronger than what we had yesterday. now we're talking about a stronger storm, maximum winds of 85 miles per hour. you can see gusts stronger than that. central minimum pressure barely low. this is significant for many meteorologists. 946 millibars, is a sign sandy is continuing to strengthen and at some point it can transition from a hurricane to more of a post tropical system that is a post tropical system. it's irrelevant because we'll see many impacts across the
8:34 am
continue to strengthen just before landfall. it could have winds of 90 miles an hour, maximum sustained. expected water rise, up to 11 feet across portions of long island sound and new york harbor. otherwise widespread impacts, four to eight foot storm surge across portions of new jersey and even further north into portions of connecticut. guys? >> steve: all right. thank you very much. and she mentioned that the pressure is so low. the lower the pressure, the stronger the storm. meanwhile, new video into fox friends friends, air force one leaving orlando. you can see just before they closed the door. president obama deciding a short time ago not to appear at a reallily there as hurricane sandy moved up the east coast. he wanted to make sure he could get back to washington. mitt romney's campaign plans also shaken up. john roberts live in avon lake, ohio where they've got crazy weather there as well. john? n it is cold. it is rainy and it is windy here, steve. the situation right now with the
8:35 am
romney campaign pretty fluid. they canceled events in virginia and new hampshire in favor of here in iowa, then to wisconsin. sorry, here in ohio, then to wisconsin, iowa and florida. but will see if any of that happens. it's very difficult to be out there on the campaign trail, even states far away from the ones affected if there is an campaign trail if there is emergency situation going on. i got a note from an advisor no changes to the schedule right now. we have boosted efforts to get info to states affected and e-mailing that information about donations to the red cross. governor romney at a rally in findley, ohio, here is what he said. in the country are a little nervous about a storm, about to hit the coast and our thoughts and prayers are with the people who will find themselves in harm's way. [ applause ] >> he mentioned -- you mentioned the president wheels up from orlando back to d.c he had flown into orlando last
8:36 am
night for a rally that was supposed to happen this morning. former president bill clinton will go ahead with that rally and yesterday, before he left for florida, the president met with fema director craig fugate at the fema headquarters. here is what he said about the impending storm. >> my message to the governors, as well as to the mayors is anything they need, we will be there. we're going to cut through red tape. we're not going to get bogged down with a lot of rules. we want to make sure we are anticipating and leaning forward into making sure we've got the best possible response. >> everybody is talking about the immediate impact of sandy. but then there is a lot of discussion as well about what its impact on the election and voting might be a week from tomorrow. if there is a lot of damage in one area or widespread power outages, how do they go ahead with the voting? if there is electronic voting in any particular county or municipality, do they have to go with hand ballots? governors in places like
8:37 am
maryland, delaware, ohio, even into new england, all talking about the idea not only of how do we respond to the storm, but how do we maintain the integrity of the coming election? steve? >> steve: sandy could wind up being the october surprise. >> brian: i'm wondering, we knew how bad the storm was before the president left for orlando. nothing really changed that much, maybe where it hits landfall in different areas. does it show a sign of disarray or discontent within the obama reelection campaign that he comes down here, doesn't do anything, he flies back? >> well, first of all, we were just talking about that, how much did it cost to fly air force one down and back when the president didn't even appear at that event. i think what happens, you folks know so much about hurricanes having covered them over the years, i've covered a lot over the years, the weather can be very unpredictable. a lot of i think the reason why they brought the president back was they didn't know how bad the weather was going to be in washington at the time when he got back.
8:38 am
it was scheduled -- he was when he was scheduled to come back 1:00 in the afternoon. if it had degraded by that time, there might be risk getting the president back to the white the president back to the white house. for them i think they took the prudent step getting him back went in the first place. >> brian: going back was the key rather than the image of his campaigning on the day of the hurricane. >> you can't do that. you just can't do that. >> gretchen: it could be a combination of both. those were live pictures as we saw the president getting into air force one. thanks very much. some headlines now. >> steve: we've got the rest of your headlines. florida senator marco rubio's daughter is improving this morning after a freak golf cart accident over the weekend. his 12-year-old daughter amanda, suffered a head injury, but a spokesperson says her outlook is good. senator rubio had just left a rally with mitt romney when he got the bad news on the phone. there you can see him getting it right there. both romney and president obama spoke with rubio and, of course, expressed their concern and support for his daughter and his
8:39 am
family. >> brian: all right. is this terrorism 101? new york university president requiring her students to plot a terrorist attack for a homework assignment. the professor asked her students to write up 15 pages describing how they would attack the city and what the aftermath would be like, for example, how much it would cost us. former naval criminal investigator says it prepares students for a career in intelligence. but some police officers are calling it an insult to those who died in 9-11. remember, khalid sheikh mohammed was on campus learning about america and plotting against america and so was al-awlaki. >> gretchen: ban on halloween, a number of schools and towns are putting a stop to halloween plans. over the past years, a dozen schools are doing away with costume, parties, other celebrations. you might be asking what would the reason be? some say it's because students can't afford to participate. there are some kids who can't take part because of religious
8:40 am
reasons. it seems again like the majority do want to take part and it's a small sliver that may not. >> steve: in my town, two years now, hurricanes have kept kids from going trick or treating. fans walking out on madonna after she tried to tell them to vote for the president. >> i don't care who you vote for, as long as you vote for obama. (booing). >> steve: madonna seemed a little taken aback when some of her own fans boo'd her after she told them to vote for president obama. it happened at her concert in new orleans. some fans even left the show. she tried to recover from the boos, saying she didn't care who they voted for, as long as they did it. i think we know who she wants them to vote for. >> gretchen: coming up, our next guest, he was a big support of president obama in 2008.
8:41 am
a electricity who wrote for the press. but he's voting this time for romney. michael goodwin with why he's voting romney next. >> brian: we're tracking sandy. an epic storm. the east coast starting to feel her fury. live update straight ahead. >> don't be stupid. get out and go to higher, safer ground not a great equation. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix.
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8:44 am
>> brian: you're looking at live coverage of hurricane sandy continues. let's about to delaware where doug is standing by. i see you're moving up a little bit and the ocean is moving forward as well. >> that's true. i tell you, this is really
8:45 am
wreaking havoc on the beach. it's starting to come through this access point. they've put up these fence here's to protect the dunes and grassnd la. it's mangling that fence. going to be the story up and down the coast here. this obviously is not the densely populated area, areas like north of here, philly, new york, and up into boston. but mandatory evacuation in this area. we've already hit high tide this morning. the good news is we haven't seen the water rush in to my businesses yet. that may happen before all is said and done. back to you. >> brian: thank you very much. gretch? >> what began 21 months ago in what began 20 months ago in the depths of winter cannot end change we seek. it is only the chance for us to make that change. been a long time coming. but tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this
8:46 am
election, at this defining moment, change has come to america. >> gretchen: that was president obama on election day back in 2008. you remember he promised a new america of hope and change. my next guest, michael goodwin, he believed him then, but says maybe not this time voted for president obama in 2008. four years later, he's making a change of his on. michael, you say you have a confession to make. >> right. yes. i'm voting for mitt romney this time of the in my column, i explain why. just looking at the president there, you remember sort of the high hopes i think that at that point, after the election, what everybody was hoping that he would do. i was among those who hoped he would do what he said he would do, which was essentially unite the country around core principles and not everybody, but 60, 65% of the public to support big issue, big reforms, then you really have change in america. >> gretchen: instead, many
8:47 am
people argue that the last four years have been the most partisan time in politics ever. >> yes. i have think he's, as i say in the column, why i turned against him essentially. i think he's dishouston texans. i think that was the big lie, that he would unite the country. second, i think he's incompetent. i see how he governed benghazi, being the latest example. but the budget, debt, all these issues. he made no effort to tackle unemployment. he's made no effort really to tackle anything that's really driving the country over the cliff. and yet, he acts as though he's done a great job. the disconnect between who he said he would be and who he actually is has cost him my vote. i'm not sure how much that matters to him. but it certainly, for me, it's all i have is one vote. >> gretchen: the interesting thing is that while you're seeing a negative with the president, you see a positive with some of mitt romney's policies. in other words, you're not just doing your vote for romney because you're upset at obama, right? n no. i think there is a case to be made against obama. there is also a case to be made for romney.
8:48 am
mitt romney, i have to say, among the republicans in the field, i am a democrat, but among the republicans in the primary field, romney was the only one who i thought was in the end, could be a credible alternative to obama. but as we've gotten closer, i think romney is much better than merely a credible alternative. i think his policies are sound. i think he's got a real idea how to create jobs. the other thing i like about him is that there is not a hint of scandal in this man's life. neither in his personal life, nor his career. this is an honest man full of integrity and it will be nice to have that in the white house. >> gretchen: when i interviewed hi and ann together three years ago issues they said to me then, you will never read about us in the tabloids, ever. they said it am fatticcally. listen to ryan and romney as they seem to be talking about hope and change. imagine that. >> this is a turfing point for america that we need to take a different course, that we can not stay on the course we're on. i happen to think that the american people understand we need dramatic and real change if
8:49 am
we're going to have a bright and prosperous future. >> look, we believe in the principles that built this country. we believe in liberty, freedom, free enterprise, self-determination. the government works for us and not the other way around! >> gretchen: it's interesting. the last couple of months i've talked to people who voted for president obama like you did who now say they're going to vote for remain knee. have you heard anyone say they voted for john mccain and now they're going to vote for president obama? >> i'd be surprised if such a person actually exists. i think that romney is basically counting on the mccain vote, which is frankly not very big. 46% of the last time turnout. so he needs to start with that and build on it. but what we just heard there with paul ryan and mitt romney i think that is exactly the difference between these campaigns. campaigns. president obama can't say that. he can give that speech but no one, his record shows that is not who he is. i think they have a winning argument. i hope they win because i believe romney-ryan will have an opportunity to really address
8:50 am
problems and i might say, too, gretchen, on the foreign stage, they're both novice, but i think their instincts are right about american power. i think across the board, they'll do a better job. >> gretchen: check him out on the "new york post." thank you. we're tracking sandy this morning. it will make landfall tonight. for some, the damage already done. this is north carolina. our live coverage continues moments away. first, let's check in with martha mccallum. >> good morning. it is a big, big day. you've got hurricane sandy threatening the east coast and throwing a wrench into this razor tight presidential race for all kinds of reasons. we're really in the path of both of these storm this morning. here in new york, and bill is in the heat of the race in ohio today. he'll talk to rob portman just eight days 'til we pick a president. brit hume joins us as well. we'll see you here at the top of the hour we'll see i at the top of the hour. jenna shared her recipe with sharon,
8:51 am
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>> steve: incredible images just coming in. look at that right there. this one from virginia beach. two friends leaning into the strong wind and rain off the chesapeake bay. it looks like they're about to dive in. over to frisco, north carolina, where water from the ocean is starting to flood and cross highway 12. that is never good. the strong winds sending this tree into a house in sunset park, north carolina. >> brian: unfortunately, we're going to see a lot of that. i think the tree also do a lot of damage. you like the wooded areas, this is when you don't like the wooded areas. >> gretchen: you see pictures like that you and know it's coming to so many more people. it's hard to escape the images. hurricane sandy bringing transportation as well across the entire country to a stand still. thousands of flights have been canceled. and things are only going to get worse. joining us live from reagan national airport, steve
8:55 am
centanni. looks pretty empty. >> it's a ghost town here. look hyped me. a long, long walk down to the other end of the terminal. i went down there for a cup of coffee and didn't see very many people. there is nobody here. no long lines at the ticket counters. that's good. you don't have to wait an hour and a half to take off your belt and shoes at the tsa checkpoint. the down side of all that is there are no planes either. 7200 flights were canceled yesterday and today. look at the video we shot a little while ago. the tv monitors announcing the arrivals and departures announcing no activity at all. just a few flights are heading out from minneapolis, miami, and ottawa. this is bringing things to a halt all around the world because a lot of international flights come into dulles airport about 20 miles way from here. none arrived this morning except for a handful. none will be leaving this evening for paris, for europe like they do every evening. so this is going to tie things up around the world. may not get back to normal for a couple of days, probably
8:56 am
wednesday at the earliest. we also have some other pictures of amtrak now. flying is not the only way to get around. if you were planning to take the train, you can wait a few days for that. we don't know about tomorrow officially, but i can guess that the amtrak trains the amtrak trains won't be running again tomorrow because the worst of the storm is coming in overnight. up and down the east coast, stations in boston, new york, philadelphia and baltimore and washington, no amtrak trains. subways, even in your hometown like new york, subways and local transit is shut down. as the mess. just stay home. >> steve: and watch fox news channel. reagan national. >> gretchen: for "fox & friends" two minutes away playing sports is just my whole life.
8:57 am
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